Avnet Website Project

UI / UX Design / Web design/ E-Commerce 2017

As UX and Web Designer at Avnet I worked with a large team to migrate over 1500 web pages in IBM WebSphere. Avnets rebrand took place over a period of 1 year, collaborating with both marketing, development and design teams. I had a hybrid role as both a web and UX designer. As UX designer I designed page layouts and brand guidelines for the rebranding of Avnets company website. Once the design was established web designers, including myself, populated the layouts created by the UX team with content using HTML and CSS inside of IBM WebSphere. Commerce for Avnet products was a complex system updated to manage products along with their descriptions and images
UI design, Web design, Content creation, UX design, graphic design, HTML,CSS, CMS, Adobe Creative Suite, IBM portal.