Baby Name APP


BabyNames app help you to find the perfect baby name collaborating with your partner! Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most exciting and important decisions you’ll make as a parent, but it can also be super stressful. BabyNames is the first baby name generator that uses the latest data algorithm technology combined with millions of names gathered from BabyCenter members.

My Role

UX designer using Sketch and InVision, UI designer


Our stakeholders raised concerns regarding issues with the app monetization, running partners ads on the app, and the need for redesign and rebranding for the BabyName app.


I began my research with a stakeholders interview, where I learned of the app’s various use cases. The baby name creator generates customized name lists based on baby names you like – and, just as important, names you don’t. A quick swipe lets you vote on each name. The app then quickly learns what you like and offers you more baby names we hope you’ll love. With this app, you can share your baby name ideas with others so you can all weigh in on names you like.

To fully grasp the issues of the mobile app, I conducted a quick survey and user testing. I studied the analytics and data to evaluate the user engagement.


The Stakeholders asked me to design a banner ad in the card sorting deck. With this app, you can share your baby name ideas with others so you can all weigh in on names you like. I redesign the buttons labels and created new thumbs up and thumbs down icons without labels. I redesign the Favorite buttons to a heart icon. In the “My List” tab, I redesign the labels to use just the icons. I Redesigned the app background assets and changed the screen colors and fonts.


Within the few week timeframes, I was able to successfully provide the stakeholder with a design that I felt strongly was a great start to solving the BabyName app issues for many of our users. The stakeholder was impressed by my design solution and was excited to present it to her team.

*Baby Names App prototype